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Factions of Vethoria

The world of Vethoria has many factions vying for control and power wherever they may find it. Everyone from kingdoms to independent parties are competing and allying with each other. Recorded here are many of the known factions in the world of Vethoria.

The 5 Houses

In the world of Vethoria, there are 5 guilds located around world that are dedicated to protecting the world. Each of The 5 Houses has a particular theme, and is built on a naturally occurring portal(s) related to that theme. The 5 Houses are: The House of Elements, The House of Fey, The House of Celestials, The House of Shadows, and The House of Dreams. Each house is charted with the protection of a certain section of the world, but the houses have been in decline in past years. Perhaps they need some help?


The Five Houses Scottz657