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History of Vethoria

These are the complete records of the history of Vethoria. These records do not only include history, however. These records also include various amounts of lore of Vethoria along with the history of the land. Some of it is indicipherable at this moment, but it will be unlocked eventually.

The First God and Creation

Before the universe there was nothing but one truly infinite god. This god had nothing but himself and the darkness that surronded himself, and there was only one thing that troubled his mind. Creation. The god knew that in order to create a truly infinite multiverse he had to give up something infinite in return, himself. The god thought for eons, and came upon the conclusion that the multiverse was more important than himself, and unraveled himself into the multiverse and his children the gods.

The Gods of Vethoria

  • Created Deities – Gods created in the beginning or by other gods.
  • Lady Morvitae - Goddess of life & death, governor of the fate of all mortals.
  • Mother Viridae - Mother of the earth.
  • Caelean & Aquios - Twin gods of the sky and the sea.
  • Regitos - King of the Empyreal Lords, protector of the upper plains.
  • Magisae - The mistress of magic.
  • Solinus - Lord of the healing light of the sun
  • Lexiter - Law-keeper of the outer plains.
  • Stellor - Weaver of the stars and the sky.
  • Lunux - Spirit of the moon's light.
  • Malexum - Lord of Hell, firstborn of the gods.


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