House Rules

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  • Guns have been re-worked. Instead of hitting touch AC guns Ignore 2 points of AC granted by armor or natural armor, but dexterity, dodge, etc. bonuses to AC are not reduced. Misfires have also been removed.
  • The Deadeye deed now doubles the range of any gun wielded by a gunslinger as long as he has 1 grit point remaining, and a gunslinger can also spend 1 grit point to gain a +2 bonus to one attack role.
  • The Quick Clear deed has been replaced with Dazing Shot. Dazing Shot allows you to spend 1 grit point to daze an enemy on a successful hit.
  • The Expert Loading deed has been replaced with Gunslinger Guts. Gunslinger Guts allows you to spend 1 grit point to keep fighting as if disabled if brought to 0 HP for 2 rounds, and then you continue dying as normal.
  • Gun Training has been reworked so instead of reducing your misfire by 2 it increases your armor penetration by +2 for the selected firearm.
  • Advanced firearms are banned in my home game.

General Rules


  • Critical threats have been removed. If you hit in your critical range you get a critical hit.
  • If other features that need to be adjusted to compensate it will be done so on the fly

Hero Points

  • Hero points will be used by the GM to award players who do extraordinary things (Role-play, Heroic feats, Etc.) as per the normal rules
  • Players do not gain hero points as they level
  • Players do not start with hero points
  • Hero point feats are unavailable
  • Hero points cannot be used to cheat death


  • Blood Drinker – Remove the subtype restriction. You can now drink from any humanoid except Dhampirs.
  • Diverse Palette – Removed.
  • Combat Expertise – You instead get +2 to AC , but it still increases by +1 NOT +2 every four BAB.



  • Sprinter – Now gives the catfolk an extra 5ft. of movement speed instead of the current effect

House Rules

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