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Useful Recourses

Here are a few recourses for playing pathfinder that I find very helpful

  1.  The Official PRD - The game mechanics of pathfinder are all open source and Paizo even has their own reference document. It's pretty easy to navigate just click on the Core Rulebook tab and click "Getting Started"
  2. D20 PSFRD - Much like the official prd, but it is less user friendly and contains rules from more than just the core rulebooks. It's unofficial but it contains lots of advanced rules such as class archetypes, races, etc.
  3. Pathbuilder - This is an app for android and is by far the best digital character creator I have used. It contains virtually all of the open content for the game, and is really easy to use if you understand the rules of pathfinder
  4. Fight Club - This is a character creation app for the iPhone. I have never used it, but it is the top rated character creation app on the iTunes store so it can't be bad
  5. Custom Character Sheets - These are by far the best character sheets for pathfinder, they are highly customizable and very well made. If you don't want to use the apps use these instead of the official sheets
  6.  Name Generator - These are random name generators for pathfinder characters.
  7. Roll20 Link - This is the link to the campaign on Roll20


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